lifestyle, Kunst und Malerei während Corona

Corona has been a real game changer for most of us and our lives. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have an entirely new lifestyle. The often-mentioned “old normal” will probably never return. In some respects, this may not only be better but perhaps even more beautiful.

The new normal as key to art & painting

Within only a few weeks, many routines and activities of our everyday life found an abrupt end. No more fancy jet-setting, no more super important back-to-back meetings, no more workouts at the gym and no more partying. Suddenly, there was no more reason for that terrible phrase “Sorry, I don’t have time”. There was more than enough of time for most people – especially for the chronically busy ones.

Of course, since there was more time available and the sometimes merciless boredom could easily be mastered through hours of Skype and WhatsApp calls or killed by excessive continuous streaming. As this is not a sustainable solution to this unusual new kind of problem which came as a side effect of the lockdown, new solutions had to be found. In the end, many, although involuntarily but still, had the opportunity to break the endless-seeming loop of their accustomed life. One had the opportunity to spend time with oneself. Time to sit back and to think and question everything in life. Time to find out what’s really important in life. The unique chance to get to know oneself a little better, not others.

During this time, many (re) discovered their passion for art and their own creativity. Some may have stumbled upon brushes, paper and paints while mucking out. Others were able to discover the joy of painting either through their children or grandchildren. Perhaps a social media post or an advertisement might have also been an impetus to explore ones passion for art and painting. Just as with many other things, it’s important to just find a little bit of motivation to get started.

Painting makes sense and is good for the soul

A deeply human need is to find meaning in what we do. In a world that is increasingly determined by digitized interpersonal relationships and constant work on the computer, this meaning might often get lost. And while some love the home office, for others it leads to an amplification of the already negative effect of the digitized world caused by additional loneliness. You feel you are busy all day and in the end, you do – nothing “real”. Painting is a wonderful and welcome change to this frustrating routine. Just like many other hobbies, painting gives us the opportunity to create something real with our own hands. We can actually see real progress and can enjoy it.

When we are working with brush, paper and paint, our doing can also be perceived with all our senses. The feeling of every single brushstroke, the smell of the paint, maybe even the sound of the brush being washed out in the water glass. Above all, it’s the relaxed feeling and the deep inner peace that are good for us when we paint.

That’s what science says about painting

There is scientific proof that painting is not only fun but actually worthwhile for you. When you are concentrating on painting, hand-eye coordination and as well as logical intelligence in connection with creativity are increasingly stressed. This has a strong relaxing effect on your brain. Colors have a very similar stabilizing effect on emotions. Certain areas are activated within the brain, which in turn inhibit the limbic system and make us forget social pressures, worries and fears. It also gives us the opportunity to organize our thoughts, develop and strengthen our creativity and draw new strength and energy.

Since the brain is almost put into a meditative state while painting, this is also a welcome distraction for all those who are exposed to stress at work and want to find inner peace. Why should you meditate for hours or torture yourself with painful yoga asanas if the same effect can be reached that easily.

It just takes an artist brush, some paint and paper/a canvas. All in all, it’s the creative process as a whole that makes painting so special. When painting, you are allowed to simply switch off your brain and let your mind go on a journey. It is desirable to block out the noise of the world and let yourself be carried away, okay to let your imagination flow and totally fine to just enjoy the moment. It doesn’t matter what you paint or how well and beautifully you paint. Painting is good for you. Painting is fun.

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