Acrylic painting sitting child

Download our new Acrylic Paints flyer. It includes our popular all Vegan Acrylic Brushes with synthetic hair blends “Perfect Acryl” and “lineo Robusto”.

Our synthetic bristles are durable and very easy to clean. The stiffness of the bristles varies. While Perfect Acryl brushes have slightly softer, more elastic bristles, Robusto brushes are made with slightly firmer bristles. These are excellent for expressive painting with thick acrylic paints and layering techniques.

Shapes and Sizes: Our acrylic paintbrushes are available in various shapes and sizes, including round brushes, flat brushes, fan brushes, filbert brushes, angled brushes, and extra-wide brushes. The choice of the right shape and size depends on your painting technique and the desired effect.

Choosing the right acrylic paintbrushes is crucial for translating your creative visions into actual art. Depending on your project and technique, it may be necessary to use different brushes to achieve the desired results. You’ll definitely find the right brushes with us.


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