Lineo Oktopus.

A very unconventional brush.


The Octopus special brush, Series 74583, is the result of an intensive and long-standing collaboration with the artist Martin Thomas. At the Creative Impulse Award 2016, we received the 3rd prize for this product.

Series 74583: Special Brush Octopus

High-quality cotton threads, nickel capsules, black lacquered handles, size 20

This newly developed special brush is suitable for the abstract painter and impressionist. It enables very special effects and forms of expression in painting. Can perfectly be used for acrylic and oil paint.


You can find the lineo Edition Martin Thomas here in our catalogue.


Painting like Monet. Learn from Martin Thomas how to paint a water lily pond with our Octopus. Painted on a black canvas. A painting in pointillism can have so much expression!


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