• 110 years lineo brushes

    In 2021, we are celebrating 110 years of lineo brushes. Special thanks go to our dedicated brush makers and our loyal customers!

  • Our new factory starts operations

    After two years of construction, our new factory in Wieseth started operations on November 20, 2020. The relocation of all four production sites was completed in Q1 2021.

  • Lineo becomes a part of Mesko

    After many years of cooperation, lineo and Mesko take the next step together: As per 1st of July, lineo becomes part of Mesko. In addition to many common goals, the use of synergies and the potential for further national and international growth were decisive factors in this strategic decision.

  • 100 years of lineo

    In 2011 we were very proud of celebrating 100 years of lineo!

  • Mr Roman Bieringer joins the company.

    In 2002, Mr Roman Bieringer, joined our company to continue what Mr Albert Bieringer started in 1911.

  • 75 years of lineo

    Not only has the year 1986 been another successful year for our business, but it was also our 75 birthday.

  • Two sons are joining the business

    Mr Albert Bieringers sons, Herbert and Roland Bieringer joined the company in 1960.

  • New Factory Building

    Because our old factory became too small, a bigger and more generous building was needed. This is why we moved to our new factory in Oberen Jahnstraße in Bechhofen in 1950.

  • Incorporation

    lineo has been founded by Mr Albert Bieringer in 1911 in Bechhofen.

The Company

lineo Künstlerpinselfabrik as part of Mesko Pinsel is a tradition-conscious and innovative company. Our innovative potential is evident in the rapid and flexible adaptation to market changes as well as in the continual development of new products and product innovations that can secure long-term customer loyalty.

The newest results of our innovative power are the lineo black line synthetic series, the lineo mini-series and the completely novel lineo effect fan brush with two different bristle lengths. These products tap totally new market segments and target groups. New as well as existing products are continually optimized with regard to market acceptance. For this, we work closely together with experienced artists and competent specialists.

Within the context of our lineo workshops, we offer end-users and interested retailers the opportunity to test all lineo watercolor and acrylic/oil brushes and, with the aid of competent instruction, create their own works of art.

The focus of our efforts is the quality of our internationally recognized products. All operational procedures and the entire manufacturing process, from acquisition to production to sales, have been optimized for quality.

Premium materials have a special significance for the quality of our lineo artist brushes. Out of conviction, we only use selected fine hairs produced in Germany, such as kolinsky red sable hair, squirrel hair, and high-quality synthetic hairs. When selecting our brush handles, we also place great value on the uncompromising quality of the woods used, as well as premium lacquering.

Our artist brushes are manufactured primarily by hand by experienced specialists. Our school and hobby brushes are also made by our trained brush makers. In order to guarantee the high level of quality of our products, we regularly conduct employee training courses. Testing and final inspection of all brushes are performed by our experienced master brush maker himself.

Out of a deep conviction and to secure the unlimited quality of our products, our production is done exclusively in Germany. For decades, we have been supplying customers all over Europe and overseas from our headquarters, offering them a persuasive price/performance ratio without compromise to quality. The brand lineo and the Albert Bieringer GmbH artist brush factory stand by this quality with their name.

Golden master craftsman’s diploma for Mr Herbert Bieringer

Mr Herbert Bieringer, long-time partner and managing director, received the golden master’s certificate for his more than 40 years of successful work as a brush maker. Mr. Bieringer was also head of the board of examiners for the journeyman- and master craftsman examination at Germany’s only vocational school for brush makers in Bechhofen for several decades.

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