Tips to Care for Brushes

We have prepared some tips to help you maintain the optimal characteristics and quality of your lineo brushes for a long time:


Watercolour and acrylic paint should always be washed out when still wet until no more paint is in the brush. Wipe oil paints off of the brush with a soft cloth. After preliminary cleansing, we recommend using fat-restoring curd soap. Make absolutely sure that all residual paint is also removed from the ferrule edge. If this is not done, the tip will not be able to hold an optimal shape.


After cleaning the brush, allow it to dry with a pointed tip at room temperature. The best way to dry the brush is to hang it, so that all residual water can evaporate. Never place the brush on a radiator or attempt to dry it with the aid of hot air or sunlight. This will severely damage the hairs and can quickly render the brush useless.


Please do not place the protective brush hair cover on the brush while the hairs are still wet. We recommend only using the plastic cover for protection during transport. The protective cover is not necessary for storage.

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