Our values: Tradition and Innovation


Our company’s central values are tradition and innovation. We are consciously aware of our long tradition. Still, innovation has always been part of our brush factory. To us, innovation means constantly adapting our entire company to market changes and constantly developing new products. Our aim is long-term customer satisfaction and retention.

Current examples of our innovative strength are the lineo black line synthetic series and the lineo mini brushes. Both, new and existing products are constantly tested. We check if they still meet the requirements of the users and also try to make sure that our brushes are easily marketable. Therefore it is important for us to closely work together with experienced artists and specialists.

At lineo, we always focus on the consistently high quality of our range of products. This is the reason why our brushes are appreciated internationally. Our entire organization and all of our operational processes are aligned to this core value. This starts with the entire manufacturing process, including procurement and production and ends with the distribution of our unique assortment of brushes.

Of particular importance are the materials that we are using to produce our artist brushes, cosmetic brushes and dental brushes. Out of conviction, we only use selected fine hair, such. B. Kolinsky red sable hair, squirrel hair and high-quality synthetic fibres for our German production. When selecting the handles, we also rely on the quality of the wood which is used, as well as on the high-quality of the finishes.

All of our fine brushes are mostly made by hand in our factory in Germany. Even our school brushes and our brushes for hobby-use are produced by trained brush makers on modern machines. To ensure the high quality of our brushes, all of our employees are regularly getting trained. The final inspection of all of our brushes is done by a master hand.

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