New application video with our HOBBY ROBUSTO

Hobby brush „HOBBY ROBUSTO“ (Series 1157 & Series 1176), black extra strong synthetic hair, seamless nickel ferrules, short red-lacquered handles. Suitable for the following techniques: Acrylic paints, hobby paints, body painting, model making, ceramic paints, textile painting.

Many thanks to Elke Memmler for making this application video together! One can instantly see how versatile the HOBBY ROBUSTO is in everyday use. With its tighthair-body and good colour holding capacity, the brush is suitable for all colours. In the video we work with watercolours, acrylic paints and oil paints. Our brush convinces with all colors and is suitable for almost all painting techniques 🙂

Painting with the brush

The shape of the HOBBY ROBUSTO actually seems less suitable for watercolour painting. However, in this respect this brush is quite a nice surprise. Extraordinary for a synthetic brush is its great paint holding capacity. Therefore, it can be used to paint extremely long strokes. Due to the firm body of the hair, the brush always forms a perfect tip. This allows to paint fine lines or to use it as a writing- or calligraphy brush and for signing. The flat brush from this series is particularly suitable for watercolor painting. Again, the stable tip allows everything from extremely thin to stronger lines. You can nicely paint wide areas and can perfectly use it for different washing techniques.

The Hobby Robusto can be used on any surface. That is why we decided to use a plywood panel for testing the brush with acrylic paint. To prevent the paint from drying on the brush, it can be put into a glass of water without hesitation. Even if its left in the water a little longer, the hair is unlikely to take permanent damage or to bend in an unfortunate way. For testing with oil paints we used some cardboard. As with watercolour and acrylic, we painted with only one color. This did not allow us to show different techniques, but to focus on what matters. To show that the brush can easily be used with any paint. The HOBBY ROBUSTO can be used universally as a brush and after thorough washing can be used again for other colours.


lineo HOBBY ROBUSTO is part of any painters basic equipment. We are particularly proud of the balanced price/performance ratio which makes this wonderful brush accessible to everyone.


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