Heavy storms caused a severe flood in mid-July. It left a trail of devastation in wide parts of western Germany. Houses have been destroyed, livelihoods have been shattered, and people went missing or have died.

However, with this unimaginable amount of suffering and destruction, it is good to see that there is so much cohesion and support within the community. Countless private individuals and companies from all over Germany have been quick to act and have either actively participated in the clean-up efforts or provided help either financially or by sending goods and products people need.

We are glad that together with Dorschel GmbH, we can help by sending paint brushes and painting tools. Our financial support went to Evangelische Freikirche Siegburg. They are providing support for those most in need. Contact information can be found at www.ef-siegburg.de

Every contribution makes a difference. Everyone can help!

Spread your passion for art!

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