110 years lineo artist brushes

How it all began

110 years ago, Albert Bieringer founded a small brush factory in Bechhofen, Germany.  With a handful of employees and a clear vision, he thus laid the foundation for the later international success of our handmade lineo artist brushes. Albert Bieringer has always been committed to the high quality of his brushes. Also, has it been him, who began to implement innovation as one of the company’s core values. It is no surprise that Albert Bieringer saw his company growing during his lifetime.  Consequently, the initial factory building soon became too small for the young company. After the turbulence of the Second World War, work on the new factory building was to begin quickly. In 1950, the time had finally come to move into the new, modern factory building. It offered sufficient space for additional employees and storage.  This happened just at the right time, as the company’s export rate strongly increased. In the course of time, further modifications and extensions were made to the building and the family business should always be able to keep up with the latest technological developments.

Where we stand today

We just moved in to our new brush factory at the beginning of 2021.  For the production of our lineo artist brushes and our lineo cosmetic brushes, we now have 1,200m² of production space. Since our brushes are mainly handmade, it was very important to us to create workplaces with large working areas and plenty of natural daylight. In the course of this, we have also acquired new, large work surfaces made of natural stone, and are now in the process of further technological upgrading and optimization. Together with our employees, we are working on building the bridge between traditional craftsmanship and digitization.

What the future brings

The anniversary year 2021 is all about the future. We know our roots and are living our values. This allows us to look forward and enables us to envision an exciting future for a traditional brand. Throughout our history, tradition and innovation have always proven to be the right values for our brand. They have always been driving growth and have been the key to customer satisfaction.

At first glance, these values seem very different. The both of them combined, however, will become more important in the future than ever before. Our modern world is driven by innovation. Yet it is tradition that decelerates, that grounds us, and reminds us of what is important. After all, the secret of success lies in balance.

In recent years, we have gained new strategic partners and together with artists and retailers, we are working on exciting new projects. Not only the development of new brush series (such as our new Edition Albrecht Dürer) but also the further development of new synthetic hairs will help us stay ahead of competition. It is self-evident that we will continue to commit to our high-quality standards. After all, it is the outstanding painting characteristics and the durability of our lineo brushes artists value so much.


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