Social Sustainability


As an employer, we have a social responsibility for our employees and their families. It is therefore important to us to contribute to the creation of new, secure jobs in the region. This is something we are planning to achieve through further investment and growth. We want to continue to offer young talents solid vocational training, long-term perspectives, and stability for their lives. With the areas of plastics engineering, mechanical engineering, brush making, and administration, we offer an attractive working environment that is high-tech-oriented as well as traditional.
lineo Pinselfabrik - Soziale Unternehmensziele zur Nachhaltigkeit
Kinderwerk Lima - Chancen fürs Leben


It is important to us to not only take responsibility for stability and job security within the region but also to provide support internationally. We believe that social responsibility has no borders. This is why we try to help where it is really needed. “Kinderwerk Lima” is a Christian aid organization operating in South America and Africa. Their mission is to give children from disadvantaged backgrounds opportunities for life.
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Economic Sustainability

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Sustainability Goals

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Environmental Sustainability

Being responsible for our environment and the resources we have is close to our hearts. We make a difference with our products.
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