Our Sustainability Goals

Sustainability has many faces and is above all more than “just” environmental protection. This becomes apparent when both sustainability and the company are viewed as a whole.  So if you put sustainability in the room, a field of tension quickly builds up all around it. Social and economic goals are inextricably linked with ecological goals. In terms of a long-term corporate strategy, we have considered these three topics against the background of our needs as a manufacturing company and taken them into account accordingly. A great advantage we had in doing so is certainly the fact that we are a family-run company and thus pursue different economic planning horizons than companies with shareholder-driven interests. We were thus able to firmly anchor social and environmental goals in our company’s strategy in such a way that the individual goals merge almost seamlessly.

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Economic Sustainability

It is important for companies to ensure their long-term success. However, economic goals are not at odds with social or environmental goals.
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Social Sustainability

As an employer, we have been in the region for over 110 years. We share responsibility for regional development and the education of young people.
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Environmental Sustainability

Being responsible for our environment and the resources we have is close to our hearts. We make a difference with our products.
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